Please be aware since the UK is now no longer a member of the EU my domain casystems.eu and associated email addresses no longer works. Please therefore use my new domain name casystems.co.uk

Based in Cambridgeshire and working with clients of all sizes across the world – the UK, USA, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore.

We specialise in developing custom database solutions for companies of all sizes using FileMaker Pro. We have experience of working with management consultancies, European and UK government agencies and smaller private companies.

We are currently working with a number of major artists and galleries in the UK to help them manage their collections.

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We first opened for business in 1994 providing IT support and consultancy to local Macintosh based companies in the Cambridge region. Since then we have expanded our client base to include PC users with the majority of our clients now in London and spread across Europe and the rest of the world. We do still provide support our more local clients.

For the last 19 years we have been developing custom databases for clients (Mac and PC) using Claris FileMaker Pro. These have been stand alone or networked with either FileMaker Server at the back end or in the case of some larger systems, MySQL and Oracle.

We have developed web based databases using php and more recently using the new FM13/19 WebDirect function. Other systems have been developed for use with Apple’s iOS and FileMaker Go on the iPhone and iPad.

We have designed FM databases which can import XML data from custom designed Adobe PDF forms. This is seen by some clients as a ‘safer’ way to collect data remotely as the back end database is not exposed on the internet.

We currently develop on FileMaker versions 17/19 but support clients running earlier versions.

We are a registered Claris Partner.

Support can be provided by remote access using a VPN based network connection so that simple issues can be quickly and easily resolved without waiting for a personal visit. In the past we have worked with clients in different countries we have never met! Remote support is proving essential for clients during the current Covid 19 pandemic, where travel is restricted.

Please contact us for further information if you think we can help your business.

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