We provide custom FileMaker training at your site on a one-to-one basis or for small groups covering FileMaker usage at different levels for different categories of users:

  • Database user: For people using existing FileMaker databases who just need to know the ‘basics’ of how to open a database, search for information (simple and complex searches), enter data, export results to Excel
  • Database developer (basic): Database basics covering, flat field and relational databases, the use of primary and secondary keys, database schemas, creating databases with FileMaker
  • Database developer (intermediate): Growing your existing solutions, the use of the FileMaker server to allow multi-user systems, scripting, interacting with other systems (web, iPhone, iPad)

Courses are tailored to your exact requirements; for example some clients require more ‘numerical’ databases with multiple calculations, such as invoicing and financial reporting  while others are more interested in content (words and images).  Telephone support is always offered after training is completed as there is usually too much to remember in a short course so it’s helpful to have somebody to ask for help.