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FileMaker 12-13 Databases:

Working with an EU agency involved with the regulation of medicines for 9 years we developed a very large number (over 30) of databases for the client. The databases covered all sections of the business from staff recruitment and training to clinical trials and regulatory affairs. A number of systems developed involved using custom Adobe pdf forms to collect data which could be easily imported into FileMaker databases for analysis. This system was used to manage staff recruitment and well as the collection of company and clinical data.

Recent databases have been developed using the additional features of FileMaker 13 for a number of artists, art dealers and collectors based in the UK (London) and in the USA (New York) to manage their artwork collections.

We spent 3 years working with a UK government agency (before they closed) on a wide range of databases to manage communications, marketing and publications. One system used Excel spreadsheets to collect data which was imported into FileMaker and then exported to an Adobe InDesign  to produce a formatted directory, a process which in the past had been done by manually copying and pasting data from hundreds of emails into a template.

Filemaker Databases (FM14-15 Backend):

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Web Databases (FM12-15 Backend):

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FileMaker 10/11 Databases: